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Personality bible

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persomality This term is used to describe the personality of people. Expressions of personality such as intellect, emotions, and will are all described in the personality bible of the heart.

Obviously, when the Bible uses the word heart, it is talking about human personality rather than the organ which pumps blood through our bodies. Several intellectual activities of the heart are specifically mentioned in Personality bible.

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People think with their heart Phil. Planning is also described as a function bib,e personality bible heart Prov. People can hide the Word of God in their heart through Scripture memory Ps.

Perception is persomality described as a function of the heart Matt. Finally, the ability to weigh evidence and make a rational and reasonable decision is described as an intellectual function of the heart Mark 2: The Personality bible identifies several emotions springing from the heart including love Matt.

People also persomality their personality bible as an expression of their heart. This is especially seen in several areas. First, people are converted when they respond to the Personality bible with their heart Rom. Second, ongoing spiritual growth in our life also grows out of a heart response to the things of God 2 Cor.

Finally, the heart is also described as the seat of our moral personality bible. Deep within every person is a natural consciousness of God and sense of absolute moral standards based on the personality bible of God.

The Bible describes this as bjble work of Christ, the Light which enlightens us John 1: It is also described in Scripture as both the law of God inscribed on our heart Rom.

It is important to train our conscience by the Word of God.